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Make An Impression

trophy ring for a master grower

Make an impression with our biggest ring! It’s huuuuuge! We designed our TROPHY RING FOR A MASTER GROWER as a reward for growing fine cannabis. It’s an impressive piece of modern jewelry made from the plant.

We took cannabis seeds from our own plants and molded them in reverse and cast them in Sterling Silver on the ring’s face. When you push the ring face into sealing wax, it leaves cannabis seed impressions.

If you are a grower, or even a hip hop artist looking for an amazing stage-worthy ring with meaning,  you can’t beat this amazing giant ring. 

We will custom make it to your size.  Contact us.

Seed Marking
Maker Mark: tribe
Purity Mark: 925
National Mark: Canada’s National Precious Metals Mark

$499.00 USD

(Shipping is included within continental North America




trophy ring for a master grower was seal sample