A precision dabber for all cannabis extracts.
Total portion control means zero waste.

tribe magician cannabis concentrate dabber

We’ve designed our MAGICIAN full spectrum extract dabber from the ground up for the next generation of cannabis extracts like HCFSE, HTFSE, live resin and diamonds, but it also works perfectly with shatter, distillates, rosin, and even oils as thin as water.

Hold a MAGICIAN in your hand and you’ll know it’s an instrument, not a tool. Our perfectly balanced innovative design gives you absolute portion control with zero waste. You’ll be able to pick individual THCa crystals out of your extract if you want, just the terpenes, or both.

The MAGICIAN full spectrum extract dabber is made in Canada with the finest certified North American steel.

$100 Canadian Dollars
(Shipping within continental USA and Canada is included.)

Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel

Made with North American steel.

Made in Canada

Made in Canada

Made with skill and technology in Canada.

tribe emperor 24k dabbing nail side view

Works with all extracts

HCFSE, HTFSE, FSE, Live Resin, Diamonds, Shatter, Distillates, Budders, Slushes, or even oils as thin as water.

Portion control

Microdose, macrodose, easily control your portions and eliminate waste.


Select Individual Crystals

Our innovative design lets you pick individual crystals out of your concentrate.

tribe emperor 24k dabbing nail bowl side close up

Stringy Extracts

The MAGICIAN easily handles stringy distillates and melted shatters.

A perfectly balanced surgical grade dabber for all cannabis concentrates.

tribe cannabis accessories MAGICAIN DABBER with PUFFCO PEAK

Discrete Shipping

Low-eco-impact packaging and shipping.
Discretion assured. We understand and value your privacy.


Put away your screwdrivers, paperclips, bits of wire and manicure tools.


An 18K yellow gold version is available by special order.