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24K Solid Gold Dabbing Nail
for Cannabis Concentrates.

tribe 24k gold dabbing nail

For centuries, only a select few have used solid gold cannabis smoking pipes and accessories; this pleasure was reserved for ancient Emperors, Maharajahs and Kings.

And so the secrets of making gold smoking pipes and accessories were lost in time…

Until now. 

Pure Gold

Pure Gold

Made with 9999 pure gold from the Canadian Mint.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Archeologists will find this dabbing nail 1000 years from now and it will look just about the same.

tribe emperor 24k dabbing nail side view
Perfect Heat Conductivity

Perfect Heat Conductivity

Gold accepts the torch gratefully and releases heat evenly and smoothly.

No Toxins

No toxic metal oxides are produced with gold.
Nothing tastes like gold.

tribe emperor 24k gold dabbing nail

Skillet Side

Ideal for vaporizing full spectrum extracts like HCFSE, HTFSE, FSE, live resin and diamonds.

tribe emperor 24k dabbing nail bowl side close up

Bowl Side

A deeper vessel for vaporizing oils, budders, sugars and distilates.

Individually designed in Canada and cast in pure gold, each Emperor 24K dabbing nail is unique.

tribe emperor 24k dabbing nail angled view

Discretion Assured

Our products may be ostentatious,
but our discrete packaging and shipping isn’t.
We understand. We value your privacy.

Wear It

A nod to our DJ roots: a luxurious 20mm red phat lace with 24K gold aglets is included so you can wear The Emperor solid gold dabbing nail as a necklace. Because really, you should.


We can wrap your personal branding around the nail. We also make The Empress: a solid platinum dabbing nail.

The Emperor & The Magician


tribe 24k gold dabbing nail

email: info at tribe dot ca