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14K Gold Digger Shovel

14K Gold Digger Shovel

When you can afford the very best, it’s time to move to the next level with our 14K Gold Digger Shovel. Whether you’re digging for diamonds, sugar cubes for your coffee, or looking for an awesome memento to give to investors at a ground breaking ceremony for a new real estate development, you’ll love our 14K Gold Digger Shovel!

We make these shovels by special order here in Toronto, Canada with gold from the Royal Canadian Mint. We can personalize your shovel with custom engraving to your specification.  These shovels are special order, so please use our contact form to order. We can usually cast, finish and ship a shovel to you within three weeks once you place your order. Can you dig it?

(The coin in this photograph is for scale and color comparison)

Maker Mark: tribe
Purity Mark: 14K
Canada’s National Precious Metals Mark


$999 USD

(Shipping is included within continental USA and Canada)

14K Gold Digger Shovel In Box