The perfect silver cannabis stash container.

tribe silver 35mm film cannister

We’ve made the film canister even better! We call it FILM STAR. Our beautiful solid silver cannabis container is minimal, simple and clean. We spend hours buffing the exterior to a fine satiny finish, just like you would a real film star.

These days, only pro photographers or people of a certain age even remember the humble 35mm film canister. But back in the days of film photography, you’d get a handy plastic one with every roll of 35mm film you’d buy, and these made absolutely the best stash containers for cannabis. 

We just had to make it in silver. The nice cool feel of silver and the weight of the precious metal in your hand instantly separates this container from the mass produced crap your friends may be using to store their cannabis. This is a cannabis accessory for grown ups.

$300 CAD
Comes with 2 standard plastic film caps.