Tribe is the cannabis goldsmith.

We make cannabis accessories in gold, platinum and silver.

Our products are made in Canada with North American materials.

tribe emperor 24k gold dabbing nail

Tribe is a 26 year old Canadian company based in Toronto, Canada. We make cannabis accessories in precious metals. Our cannabis accessories are safe, well-made, functional, collectable, and they’ll hold their value over time. We sell our products exclusively through the website.


The quality of the metal used in an accessory can mean life or death for medical users. We make fully functional cannabis accessories in pure precious metals including vaporizer components and pipes you can use to consume cannabis. Tribe makes vaporizer bowls and dabbing nails in 9999 pure gold sourced from the Canadian Mint, like the 24K gold EMPEROR nail pictured above. We also make specialized dabbing instruments from the finest certified North American stainless steels.


Last year, we developed methods of converting real cannabis flower buds into precious metals, and we are now producing a line of cannabis buds in gold, silver and platinum that you can wear. Some of our dabbing nails can even be worn as jewelry.


All our products are designed in Canada, and made by our country’s most skilled makers. Our all-Canadian maker team includes a master metal and wax model carver, two exceptional diamond setters, a micro pave stone setter, a master fine precious metals caster, a master gold & platinum polisher. We have a master gem cutter with over 40 years experience and another gem cutter who specializes exclusively in Canadian gemstones. Two master jewelers do the fine assembly of our precious metal jewelry, vaporizer and pipe components. 

Tribe is authorized by the Government of Canada to apply Canada’s National Precious Metals Mark on our precious metals products. This mark is our country’s highest mark of quality and indicates our products are wholly made in Canada.

Dabbing Nails

Our EMPEROR 24K dabbing nails are solid gold dabbing nails for cannabis extracts, concentrates and medical applications. These are the finest dabbing nails in the world, and they will essentially last forever. Enjoy the balanced, gentle, heat release of pure gold with zero toxicity. Absolutely nothing tastes like pure gold.

Our innovative design features a skillet on one side and a bowl on the other and they come with a stem adapter to fit 14mm and 18mm standard pipe stems.

We include a 20mm phat lace with 24k gold aglets so you can wear this nail around your neck as a pendant.


We designed our MAGICIAN dabber specifically for the next generation of cannabis concentrates like caviar, diamonds, and full spectrum extracts, but it’ll work perfectly with any cannabis concentrate.

Our amazing innovative design lets you pick individual crystals out of your extract. The MAGICIAN dabber will even pick up oils as thin as water. It’s the only dabber you need.

Made of fine certified North American surgical grade stainless steel, the MAGICIAN dabber gives you total and absolute portion control. With zero waste, your extracts will last longer.

18K gold and silver cannabis buds by tribe

Cannabis Jewelry

We turn cannabis flower buds into gold, platinum and silver.

We start with a real Canadian grown cannabis flower bud and transition it through a variety of proprietary steps until we cast it in gold, platinum or silver. Once a bud has been converted to precious metal, it contains no cannabis at all, yet is imbued with the true spirit of the original bud’s natural organic design.

The organic natural bud shapes reflect light and sparkle spectacularly on their own, but we can set Canadian diamonds or other gemstones into a bud for additional impact. We make these precious metal buds into bracelets, pendants, rings, and we can make something stunning for you.


For private clients, we’ve made huge, hip hop heavy cannabis bud bracelets in silver & gold. We’ve made specialized platinum bowls to fit the Puffco Peak device, and elegant HCFSE concentrate jar lids in solid silver. We can create custom smoking pipes and pipe components in gold, platinum and silver – functional, specialized cannabis accessories that we design and build just for you. Your wish is our command.

Absolute discretion assured, if that is what you need.

Cannabis Containers

Tribe cannabis accessories has re-imagined the humble 35mm film canister by making it in Canadian silver. We call this stash container FILM STAR. 

This beautiful cannabis container is minimal, simple and clean with a lush satiny finish. The nice cool feel of silver and the weight of the precious metal in your hand instantly separates this container from the mass produced junk your friends may be using to store their cannabis.

Very limited edition. See if one’s available now.