TRIBE launches precious metals cannabis accessories brand

TRIBE launches made in Canada precious metals cannabis accessories brand

TORONTO, July 1, 2019 | CANADA DAY | TRIBE today announced it has launched a luxury cannabis accessories brand, providing functional Canadian-made cannabis accessories in gold, platinum, silver, and fine North American steels for global medical and recreational cannabis markets.

While medical and recreational users continue to seek the highest levels of quality and traceability of their cannabis, they are stuck using mass produced Chinese-made accessories to consume it. These items are made with the lowest quality materials and lack materials traceability. Nearly 100% of cannabis accessories sold in Canada are mass produced in China.

TRIBE is taking the lead to change this by making products in Canada again, and by focusing on the medical and recreational cannabis users who seek accessories made with fully traceable North American materials of the finest quality.

Alex Dordevic, CEO & founder of TRIBE, has assembled a team of Canada\’s top jewelers to produce the company\’s products. TRIBE\’s all-Canadian maker team include a master metal and wax model carver, two exceptional diamond setters, a micro pave stone setter, a master gem cutter with over 40 years experience, a master fine precious metals caster and a master gold & platinum polisher. Two master jewelers do fine assembly of the company\’s precious metal components in downtown Toronto.

\”Since our products are entirely made in Canada, we can focus on design innovation and use the safest, best materials. We\’ve been quietly fabricating extremely high end pieces for private clients around the world since legalization. Now we\’re making products available to the public through our surface. I\’m proud to say there\’s now a high end in the cannabis accessories category — and it\’s entirely Canadian. \”

\”Our landfills will soon be overflowing with Chinese-made vape pens, which are essentially e-waste after a 12 inch drop to your kitchen table. Many of these imported Chinese products contain toxic metals and unknown plastics, and that\’s going to be a huge problem for North Americans.\”

\”The main reason we moved into the cannabis accessories space was to give Canadian & American consumers the ability to choose higher quality cannabis accessories that are made in Canada. We wanted to set the high bar for quality. Using only the best North American materials and the finest Canadian makers, TRIBE is providing safer, better, cannabis accessories for medical and recreational cannabis consumers.\”

TRIBE was established in Toronto  in 1993 by Alex Dordevic as media company Tribe Communications Inc., publisher of TRIBE MAGAZINE for over a decade and the associated online community since 1994. TRIBE is deeply tied to DJ and music culture in North America. Since legalization, TRIBE has re-positioned to make a lasting and positive impact on Canada’s new and evolving cannabis sector.



For further information or interview requests contact Alex Dordevic


Emperor 24K gold reversible hybrid dabbing nail
Magician Dabbing Instrument
Film Star Silver Cannabis Stash Container

The Emperor & The Magician 1.21 minutes HD
Can Your Dabber So This? Surgical Steel Magician Dabber  0.46 minutes HD

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