How to Break Up With Your Phone

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How To Break Up With Your Phone

This small book is packed with helpful information on how to cut back on your phone use. How To Break Up With Your Phone starts of with a summary of the problem: how many of us are engaged with their phones at the expense of the important areas of their lives. Part one of the book goes into the various techniques social media compaies use to addict you to their products and the impact this is having on our brains.

The interesting bit of the book, for me anyway, is in part two. Catherine gives the reader a 30 day plan to reduce their phone use. She has drawn on a lot of techniques from the best information out there on social media overuse and addiction.

Her 30 day plan combines many different techniques that range from the very simple (turn off the color on the phone’s display) to the more complex. She provides a nice resource list of product that can be used to help you disengage from your phone.

As far as we know, this is the first book available to address social media addiction. I expect there will be other books coming on the market as more and more people realize how much time and attention they are wasting on their phones.

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