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Chaos Monkeys

By January 26, 2018 No Comments
Chas Monkeys book looks inside facebook

This book lifts the veil a tiny bit to expose the inner workings of some of the bigger tech companies in Silicon Valley. It’s fun to watch as an outsider who is also an insider moves through the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Most people who read this book will be surprised at how much shade Antonio García Martínez throws on Mark Zuckerberg and the top people at facebook. You just know they hate this book at facebook.

As the founder of a small digital ad network I appreciated how Garcia’s way into facebook was through a digital ad company, and I marveled at the way he sold and resold a company that was really not much more than an idea. That part was inspirational to me and his approach is certainly worth studying.

Ultimately though, this book about how to take a dip into the Valley’s toxic ecosystem without drowning.

If you work in digital advertising I would recommend reading this book. I would also recommend reading it if you want to scrape away the shiny veneer of the facebooks and twitters of the world to see what lies beneath.