tell your story on tribe

Tell your story on tribe

Are you a tech entrepreneur? A startup entrepreneur? Or maybe you’ve developed a really cool tech-related product or service you’d like to talk about. Tell the world about it through

We’ll make you famous.

Create your story for tribe and speak to your market directly. Your story can be about your company, your product, or how you got into entrepreneurship. You can write an opinion piece on the Canadian tech ecosystem, or you can talk about your failures too if you want.

We realize you are probably not a journalist, which is great because neither are we! We consider being a non-journalist a feature because unfiltered stories from the Canadian tech ecosystem are what we want on We don’t want a journalist’s point of view, we want your point of view!

What’s more, you can add links to your company site in your story so you can benefit from the additional search engine indexing of your story.

Main ingredients for a tribe story:

  1. Subject: Since tribe is about Canadian tech culture, your story has to be Canadian tech related. You have to either be Canadian or working from Canada. Or, you can be a Canadian working on a tech project outside of Canada.
  2. Size: 800-1200 words
  3. Photography: Include 2 or more photographs. Stock photography is boring. Your own photography or art is better because it’s more real. It can be a picture of you, your product, or something that relates to your narrative.
  4. Links: Up to 3 links going back to your product or site are OK in your story.

Style of a tribe story:

Write your story however you want but remember to cover who, what, when, where and why. We may edit your story slightly to improve readability or improve SEO. Tribe is about tech entrepreneurs like us, so your story can be relaxed and casual, but hey, if you want to write a rigid scientific technical piece you can do that too.

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