Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur

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derek sivers book for tech entrepreneurs

I hadn’t really heard the name Derek Sivers until I listened to a podcast by Tim Ferriss. I learned that Sivers had started a site called CD Baby in the 90’s to help independent musicians sell their music online. Then I remembered: when I first started tribe magazine in the 90’s I heard people talking about the CD Baby site as great place to get music from independent artists.

I started reading the book and was immediately struck by how similar Derek’s thinking about his company was to the way I looked at TRIBE: I just wanted to put out a good product that helped people. With Sivers it was helping Indy musicians; with me it was creating a monthly magazine and social network for the electronic music community in Canada.

I learned a lot from this book, and it brought me back to my roots. His tips on how to deal with the day to day activities of running a business are invaluable. His mindset on how to deal with corporate weasels made me smile.

The book is one big affirmation about being an entrepreneur with heart, with a purpose. Derek relates his mistakes and how they impacted his company, and importantly, how they didn’t break his company. You can make mistakes and survive; you just have to learn from them. This is stuff a lot of entrepreneurs don’t talk about in books.

Derek Sivers tribe tech culture

I like how Derek has arranged his life the way he wanted to, not because someone else had told him how to live, but because that is what he wanted to do. He arranged his business affairs to make his goals a reality.

He touches on the transitory nature of things, people, and ideas. How you can be completely invested in a business and say you will run it forever – and mean it – and then circumstances change.

I find myself reaching for this book often, reading a chapter, and putting it down. It reminds me exactly what is important about being an entrepreneur and often gives me the renewed inspiration to continue on the path.
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