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Event listings are free for most promoters!

We have optimized search engine indexing of your listing so people can Google your event and find it easier.

We can import events directly from your facebook event feed or from an individual facebook event posting (for a one-off event, for example) so you will have marketing continuity for your event across all your media platforms. Please give us the facebook link to the event in the form below so we can find and import it easier.

TRIBE will continue to archive past events so that they can continue to enhance your company’s search engine visibility over time.

We are going to broaden TRIBE event listings to include live band events and will roll out other categories eventually, for example: fashion week related events, art events, TIFF afterparties…

If you are doing an event that is cool and interesting but it’s not music related, and you think it should be listed on TRIBE; drop me a note and we can probably do it for you.

Here’s how to get your event listed on TRIBE

The easiest way to get listed on TRIBE’s new event listing area is to let us scrape your facebook event listing feed or individual facebook event post. Just use the form below to  send me the facebook event feed URL, or the facebook event ID for a one-off event. Listing an event is free but we might choose not to list it on TRIBE.

We also might modify the wording or text of your event listing slightly to optimize it for SEO (enhance its search-ability by Google) which will help people find your event easier, but this won’t change the basic important information in the listing itself.

Promoters who do a lot of events

If your company does a lot of events and has a dedicated facebook event listing feed we can set up our servers to scrape this automatically, every week. Just give us the location of your event listing feed URL on facebook and we will take care of the rest. A facebook event feed URL looks like this (using Coda’s as an example):

One-off events

If your company does not have a dedicated facebook event listing feed and only posts events to facebook as one-off events every so often, you need to give us the facebook event listing ID number for each event so we can import it. We do not currently support retrieving events from personal profiles due to facebook privacy settings but if your create a facebook event that has no privacy settings we can import the data.

You can determine an event’s Facebook ID by looking at the URL of the facebook event. For example, the ID of this event: would be 123456789

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